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KF-X1 Box Feed Powder Coating System

KF-X1 Box Feed Powder Coating System

KF-X1 Box Feed Powder Coating System


KF-X1 series professional powder coating machine combines Digital Valve Control and 100kv High Voltage Static technologies, delivering excellent quality finish with great penetration to hard-to-reach corners. We supply different sizes of fluidizing hoppers that conveys smooth powder flow to the gun, small hopper models are suitable for lab testing, sampling or small business, etc.




KF-X1 Powder Coating Machine Smart Controller


1. KF-X1 offers 3 pre-set standard application programs for flat parts, corners and re-coating demands,

2. Allows you to create and store your own application programs optimized for your parts and powder. Each part can be coated always with its ideal settings. For experience operator, up to 20 coating programs can be stored in the control unit, which also includes the 3 pre-set programs,can be easily selected via the display pilot.

3. A clear and easy to use interface makes it easy for every user to take advantage of these powerful technologies.



COLO-08 Electrostatic Spray Gun


100 kV spray gun maximizes powder charging capacity while complying with safety regulations, delivers highest transfer efficiency during long lasting use, most powders are attracted to the metal parts with less waste.

Program and powder flow changes are fast and easy too. Just press the “P” button to move between coating modes. and use the handy up and down arrows for adjusting powder flow as you coat.



Why KF-X1 powder coating system is an excellent model?


1. Pre-set coating programs as well as storable programs are easy for beginners and powerful for experienced users

2. Digital valve controlled provides accurate and subtle regulation of powder feed and atomization, which meets your higher coating requirements.

3. Flexible control of all processing parameters(kv, amperage, feed air, dosing air) by digital allows to get optimal mode that avoids Orange Peel or Faraday Cage Effect.

4. All components are proved to be optimal performance, such as COLO self developed spray gun, powder pump, nozzles, etc.

5. Our professional powder coating system makes it easier and quicker for any application jobs.

  • Warranty

    This machine comes with a 1 year manufacture warranty.

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