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Insights from Successful Powder Coaters: Tips and Strategies for Success

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

In sales, it's said that "the customer won't always tell you everything," emphasizing the importance of asking questions. Similarly, some successful professionals in powder coating may keep specific techniques and strategies to themselves. These are often the individuals who have achieved significant success, with businesses generating $30,000 or more per month and a reputation for high-quality work. It is natural to aspire to emulate their success, but gaining access to their insights can take time, as they may be hesitant to share their knowledge and potentially create competition.

One aspect of powder coating that is often not widely known is that it is relatively easy to learn and perform. Many individuals who undergo training in the field are surprised at the simplicity of the process. However, while applying powder coating may be straightforward, producing high-quality results requires skill and experience. It is common to find hobbyists or inexperienced individuals attempting to establish their powder coating businesses, but these operations often have subpar work and do not compete with established professionals in the industry. If you are interested in learning more about powder coating, consider participating in a training program or workshop to gain firsthand experience.

It is not enough to be proficient in the technical aspects of powder coating; it's also essential to have a strong business sense to be successful in the industry—including setting competitive prices and maintaining high-profit margins. According to surveys of powder coaters in the United States, many professionals report profit margins of 30% or higher after taxes. While it is possible to find some businesses offering lower prices, they may need to be more established or successful as those prioritizing quality over cost. A strong business strategy, combined with expertise, high-quality equipment and supplies, and effective sales and marketing efforts, can lead to significant success in the powder coating industry, as demonstrated by the example of a business that achieved a profit margin of 60% in its first full year of operation.

Have you ever been frustrated by long lead times for powder coating services? While the actual process of applying the powder coating may be relatively quick, other factors often contribute to extended turnaround times. One reason may be that the business has more demand for its services than it can handle efficiently. Powder coating is a relatively new technology, and the market for professional services has yet to become saturated. In addition, new regulations in other industries may be driving more customers to choose powder coating, contributing to higher demand. Ultimately, the lead times for powder coating services will change based on supply and demand dynamics. While it can be frustrating to wait for these services, it may also be a sign of a successful and in-demand business.

It is ultimately your choice to bring your powder coating in-house or continue working with a vendor. This decision should be based on various factors, including quality, lead time, cost, and others. It is important to note that starting a powder coating business does not guarantee success. Like any business, it requires hard work, knowledge, training, and the right tools to have a good chance of success. With the right tools, your chances of success may be maintained. While some luck may be involved, it is crucial to be prepared and have the plan to increase your chances of success.

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