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710 Performance Powder Coating Warranty

The Best Powder Coat Warranty Around

710 Performance warranties items for 2 years to the original customer against powder coating adhesion or failure due to defects in workmanship (this includes chipping and flaking of the powder, NOT INCLUDING ROAD/CURB RASH) by 710 Performance unless agreed upon and documented by both parties prior to coating application. 710 Performance at its discretion will re-coat the defective product.

Exclusions to our Warranty

All parts received by 710 Performance to be powder coated MUST BE ABLE TO withstand temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This includes welds and solder. 710 Performance WILL NOT be responsible for damaged items due to items not being able to withstand this heat. 710 Performance DOES NOT warranty items that are results from mishandling, shipping, misuse, neglect or alteration by the customer which results in premature corrosion or coating failure. 710 Performance WILL NOT do additional work unless there is a written or verbal agreement by the customer.

Items that are built with improper fabrication, construction or design WILL NOT be warrantied. Seams in the metal where powder cannot reach the inside surface WILL NOT be warrantied. Items that have weld or solder must be free of pin holes, air pockets or areas where water can be trapped in and cause rust, premature corrosion or coating failure are not the responsibility of 710 Performance.

710 Performance warranty does not cover parts that are brought in pre-prepped.  Because we do not know the nature of the preparation we will not warranty any work that is not done on a surface that was not prepped by our staff. 

710 Performance WILL NOT be responsible for damage to completed items that are not picked up after 10 days unless; 710 Performance receives prior notification.

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