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Powder Coating Gun Light

Powder Coating Gun Light

Product Overview:

Upgrade your powder coating experience with our cutting-edge 3D Printed Powder Coating Gun Light. This innovative accessory enhances visibility and precision in your powder coating process, ensuring flawless finishes every time. Whether you're a professional powder coater or a DIY enthusiast, this gun light is a must-have addition to your arsenal.


Key Features:


  • Precision 3D Printing: Our gun light is constructed using advanced 3D printing technology, ensuring a lightweight yet durable design that can withstand the demands of powder coating.


  • High-Quality LED Illumination: Equipped with high-intensity LEDs, this gun light provides bright, even lighting to illuminate your work area, making it easier to see every detail of your coating application.


  • Easy Installation: Installing the gun light is a breeze. It's compatible with most powder-coating guns and can be securely attached in minutes without requiring special tools or modifications.


  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this gun light is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of a busy powder coating workshop.


  • Sleek and Ergonomic Design: The gun light's sleek design not only looks great but also ensures that the light is attached securely to the gun without it falling off onto your powder-coated piece.




  • Enhanced Precision: Achieve precise and even coating applications with improved visibility.
  • Time Savings: The efficient lighting helps you work faster and more efficiently.
  • Professional Results: Get professional-quality powder coating finishes, whether you're a novice or an expert.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with most powder-coating guns, making it a versatile addition to your equipment.




  • Ideal for use in automotive, industrial, and DIY powder coating applications.
  • Suitable for coating a wide range of objects, from small parts to larger projects.
  • Perfect for achieving consistent and flawless finishes on various materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.


Package Contents:


  • 3D Printed Gun Light holder
  • 2 - LED lights with adjustable beam
  • 2 USB Charging cables (one for each light)


Installation Instructions:


  • Securely attach the gun light to your powder coating gun using the 3D-printed straps.
  • Slide one light into each of the light holes 
  • Turn on the light, and you can start powder coating with improved visibility.



Upgrade your powder coating game with our Powder Coating Gun Light and experience the difference in precision, efficiency, and professional-quality results. Whether working on a personal project or tackling commercial coatings, this gun light is your key to success. Invest in the future of powder coating today!

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